A huge castle on a small island in a stormy sea, oil on canvas in the style of Frank Frazetta

The island is located in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by water on all sides. The island is not very big, but it is still a beautiful place. There are many different types of trees on the island, including pine trees, oak trees, maple trees, and others. The island is covered in grass, and there are many animals roaming around freely. The island is home to many different species of birds, fish, and mammals.

The castle is located at the top of the hill on the island. It is a massive structure, and it looks like a fortress. The castle is made out of stone and wood, and it has many rooms inside. The castle is where the king lives, and he rules over his kingdom. He has many guards who protect him, and they keep the people safe.

A huge castle on a small island in a stormy sea
    This Artwork of the Castle is generated by Midjourney AI.

One day, a storm came along and started blowing hard. The wind was strong enough to blow away the castle and send it flying across the sea. The castle landed on the island, and it crashed down the hill. When the castle hit the ground, it broke apart and fell apart into pieces. The castle was destroyed, and everything inside was broken.

When the castle landed on the island and broke apart, the king was inside. He was injured and bleeding badly. His body was broken, and he couldn't move. He was trapped inside the castle, and he was dying. The king's son, who was only eight years old, ran to help his father. He tried to carry him outside, but he couldn't do it alone. He called for help, and some of the guards helped him. Together, they carried the king out of the castle. The king was taken to the hospital, and he survived.After the king recovered, he decided to build a bigger castle. He built a much larger version of the castle, and it took him several months to finish. He named the new castle "Castle 2." After the king finished building the castle, he went back to live in the original castle.